You are going to love how affordable your next POS System from Point Of Sale Max will be! Many people report to us how much cheaper our POS systems are than others they have looked at.  You have worked hard to get where you are and we want to help you wisely invest in just the right system to bring you the best ROI we can.

A POS System On a Budget

Before you settle on a firm budget number, we should have a discussion about what you have done in the past, problems you are having now, Predictions of how your market will change and what you need to do to compete in your changing market. Its important that we respect your pocket book, at the same time addressing your immediate problems like:

  • Labor Costs
  • Internal Theft
  • Food Costs
  • Customer Service
  • Kitchen Order Errors

All the Features Of a High-End System – and More

We can provide the same features – AND OFTEN TIMES MORE – than other systems that cost thousands more. Consider these:

  • Back Office Software
  • Extensive Reports
  • Multi-Site Systems
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Online menus and retail stores
  • Lower Support and Maintenance

Finance Your Point Of Sale Equipment

We are always looking for funding sources for our customers.  Many banks offer low interest loans for capital expenditures.  Look for our Funding resources web page.

Lease your POS System

Take a page from the playbook of big companies. They buy consumable supplies. Paper, Ink, paper clips, staples, staplers, calculators. They NEVER buy business equipment that will:

  • Depreciate
  • Break
  • Wear Out
  • Become Obsolete

As pretty as our POS systems are when they are brand new, and though they are of quality materials and workmanship, over time they will become obsolete, dirty, breaking under hard use or otherwise just wear out.  The general rule is to Lease for no more than 3-5 years.  At the end of 3-5 years lease new equipment rolling new hardware, software updates and newly available accessories, technology, faster processors, and so on into the next lease.  This rolling 5 year lease allows you to simply budget an affordable monthly payment that has enormous tax benefits.  You always have fresh Point Of Sale equipment and the latest and greatest POS software and features.

At the end of each lease you have a choice of buying your system at current market value or rolling it to a new lease of fresh updated hardware and software.

Many Restaurant and Retail business owners are very conservative in their thinking and have an outlook like this.  “I don’t want to owe anyone for anything”  and, “I don’t want to pay the interest”.  Fair enough, but consider these main points:

  • Your Entire Lease Payment Is a Deductible Business Expense
  • You Do Not Have to Depreciate Your POS System Over Several Years
  • You can take the CAPITAL that you did not invest and put that toward other things like food or merchandise that you can turn multiple times. Redirect that capital to things that make you more money!