A customer asked the other day, “Do you have a Quick-Service Restaurant POS System that is simple, and affordable”?

Everyone is looking for “something simple” in a POS System for a Quick-Service Restaurant.  Turnover in the industry means constant training and retraining.  Our customers unanimously tell us “It can’t be complicated”, or, “I just need something simple”, or, “I just need something basic”! Rest assured that we handle all the programming for you leaving you with a smooth running system to operate your restaurant. Our systems are all full of features – but on the user’s side – they are all easy to use!

Point Of Sale for Counter Service Restaurants

As much as you want “Simple” and “Easy” Point Of Sale systems you also want the features that come with an advanced business system. Whether you want just the basic reporting of a cash register system or detailed reports on:

  • Sales
  • Labor
  • Inventory
  • financial

Rest assured – we can help you get there!

Efficient Order Entry

In keeping with the theme of Simple and Easy POS, we build menus and keyboard layouts – whether onscreen or physical keyboard and logically and orderly design an efficient flow.  The screens are intuitive to users so they spend less time hunting for a button and more time engaging with your customers. In the case of our Touch Screen POS Systems we like to approach the POS as a way to quickly, efficiently and effectively communicate your customers orders to the kitchen.  Based on your needs we can direct kitchen orders to a “Hot Side” or “Cold Side” or both!  Do you need prints in a dessert area too? No problem. We design the system around your specific needs and requirements.

Drive-Thru Features – Of Course

Our NCC Reflection POS system offers a number of benefits for drive through restaurants including

  • First in First Out order cues
  • Enter customers name or description of vehicle on the order
  • optionally connect to MenuDrive – our online ordering system
  • optionally connect to TechKnow’s Digital order confirmation displays in the drive through
  • Optionally connect to TechKnow’s drive through timers

Easy Menu Editing

Whether you choose one of our commercial grade cash registers or our NCC Reflection POS for touchscreens, basic editing of your menu is easy with a little training. We are here to help you learn the process and if you need a little help you can contract us to do the work for you!

Choose a Cash Register for Low Volume Restaurants

To hear some people talk  Electronic Cash Register Systems have gone the way of the dinosaur.  We can assure you that nothing is further from the truth! Many start up restaurants have every desire and intention to have a Touch Screen POS system, but due to cost overruns in getting open, or some other financial constraint just can’t open with an elaborate system.  We offer a variety of commercial grade cash registers that are far more durable and offer much more detailed programming options than the cash registers you’ll find at an office supply store. Ours are better suited to the environment of a quick-service restaurant because our restaurant ECR cash registers all have a flat panel keyboard with a silicone keyboard cover.  We fabricate a customer full color keyboard map and laminate it for long lasting durability.

We Cut Through All the Confusing Stuff For You

One of the most important things we do for you – and this is very hard to do for yourself  – is to take our broad knowledge of the POS system or cash register features and actually apply them to your quick-service restaurant business based on the needs that you share with us.  Frankly if you had the time and the knowledge you could do it yourself.  But have you ever read the Owners Manual to a POS System or Cash Register system?  Our customers tell us they are written in such a way that humans can’t understand them. And its true! Our suggestion?  Run your restaurant!  Its what you do best.  Let us take the POS system programming off your plate!