Retail Edge Point Of Sale Software and Inventory Management System

RetailEdge Point Of Sale Software and Inventory Management System is our most popular Retail POS Software. We grade a POS system based on how many times we can say “YES, You can do that” when customers tell us what they are looking for. RetailEdge gets an “A” because We don’t say “No” very often. As our customers continue to use RetailEdge we constantly hear how happy they are with how well it works and how great the sales and inventory reports are.lenovosmall2

Inventory Tracking

RetailEdge has great tools in store for you as you begin to track inventory.  You can either quickly and easily enter your items one by one or take an Excel file and import all of your items at once! With advanced features like automatic reordering tools, Purchase Orders, 3D Size/Color/Width Matrix, Physical Inventory (Stock Takes), and Serial Number Tracking tracking – managing your inventory is a breeze!

Point Of Sale Transactions

Retail Edge offers two options for entering POS transactions.  There’s a keyboard oriented method and a very nice, yet very simple TOUCH SCREEN design.  either way take advantage of these big features:

  • Add notes to a sale
  • Create wishlists for customers
  • Create orders, quotes, and layaways
  • Enter coupons and discounts
  • take payments on account
  • Age Verification
  • Assign special tax rules like destination based sales tax
  • Sell and redeem in-house gift cards
  • Issue in-house Loyalty Dollars

Customer history tracking

Tracking customer sales history in RetailEdge is simple and intuitive. Just find your customer in the built in Customer Manager and look back on all your customers’ purchases.

  • Instantly know how many purchases your customer has made
  • how much they have purchased,
  • quickly view All, This Year to date, Last Year or Last 365 days.
  • Does your customer re-order the same things over and over?  Just find the last purchase and copy the sale!
  • Need to order more of the items in a sale?  Just copy the sale to a PO. Simple!

In the RetailEdge reports you can easily print a report of  sales by customer with a variety of filters and criteria.  The end result will show you a ranking of customers by Quantity, Price or Gross Profit.

Take that information along with an exported list of customer E-mail Addresses and you have an instant targeted marketing campaign!

Mobile POS

RetailEdge Island is MOBILE POS that allows you to operate your business even if you are not at your store.  Imagine taking your RetailEdge Island mobile POS laptop to a trade show and connecting to the trade show’s wi-fi network and connecting to to your store’s database hundreds of miles away!

You can also be disconnected from the Internet completely at the trade show, and when you get back to the hotel, connect to wi-fi there and synchronize with your store’s database! Even if you have no access to wi-fi until you get back to the store no problem. Synchronize days worth of activity when you reconnect to RetailEdge at the store.

For many other systems that’s not only a “High End, High Dollar” feature, but also complicated to set up and manage. RetailEdge Island Mobile POS is easy to set up but we are happy to help you do it if you prefer.

Multi-Site or Chain Store systems

As your business grows beyond your first store RetailEdge grows with you.  Our RECON real-time data synchronization software is just what you need as your business needs expand. We replicate your entire enterprise database across the organization. Here again, this is a “high-End, High Dollar” feature that’s very complicated to not only deploy but maintain.  Our Point Of Sale Max and RetailEdge support teams will actually implement this for you for a trouble free, worry free, easy installation.

Call us today at 877-676-9445 to arrange a Free POS demo of RetailEdge!