Retail Edge POS Software Overview

System security protects data like

  • POS and administrator functions
  • Transactions
  • Voids
  • Access to reports
  • Access to cost
  • Sales

Processes Sales

  • Rapid transaction entry
  • Touchscreen or Keyboard input
  • Add customers at the point of sale
  • Track store credits
  • You can even SELL a store credit!
  • In-house gift card system
  • Easily void sales
  • Automatic receipt printing

Manages Inventory

Get that competitive edge with RetailEdge by tracking inventory by:

  • Departments
  • Classes
  • Vendors

The system gives you all the information you need for ordering and maintaining minimum and maximum inventory levels.  Merchandise transfers are handled easily in Multi-Location installations.

Analyzing Inventory is Easy

The RetailEdge system allows you to spot trends and make decisions based on informational reports and filtered by:

  • Department
  • Class
  • Vendor

Extensive reporting tools give you information at your command to help you make critical buying decisions

Vendor Purchase Orders

Create PO’s with ease in many ways:

  • Replenish sales by filtered date range
  • Order to min/max levels
  • Create PO from invoice (for Drop Ships)
  • Manually create your own Purchase Orders

Inventory Receiving

Easily print barcode labels for products without a barcode.  Detailed history of items received and cost are maintained.

Customer Tracking – Mailing Labels, Sales Histories

Generate targeted customer lists and mailing lists based on customer sales history filters. Track customer interests, Loyalty and customer store credits. View customer history at the point of sale. Enter and view customer notes. Notes can prompt at start of sale, IE “Ask how her new grand baby is doing (born last May 20th)

POS Sales Reporting and Analysis

Display current day and past sales.  Current daily sales total is displayed for view at any time. Quickly print to screen, PDF, or full size document printer. With all the base reports and the available filters there are literally thousands of ways to see and print your report data.

Mobile POS – Remote access from anywhere

RetailEdge Island Mobile POS allows you to take your laptop or windows tablet on the road and either work live across an Internet connection or offline and later synchronize when Internet becomes available again.

Reliable POS

We don’t use this term lightly.  This system is bullet-proof. It seldom if ever crashes. There are no significant bugs that cause a merchant or customer to be down or inconvenienced. If something like that should occur and is reported, a fix is generally available in short order. Yes, this system is very reliable. The client server architecture and the networking both via LAN and WAN allows the system to be reliably operated in a single store with just one or two registers all the way up to Enterprise operations with dozens of stores and a virtually unlimited number of users. This system works. Period.

Scaleable POS

RetailEdge will grow as you do.  Add more registers and back-office systems, add RetailEdge Island Mobile POS laptops and tablets as your mobile needs grow, and finally add additional stores without worrying about the costs of your systems skyrocketing. Its affordable and easy to scale up as your needs demand.

More system Integration

From simple systems to Multi-Location roll-outs we require only standard Microsoft Windows PC equipment, even consumer class PC’s and laptops will be more than adequate to run RetailEdge. For more robust applications and tidier installations we work well on All In One POS systems

Works With More POS Devices – Now With OPOS

RetailEdge is now more flexible than ever using the industry standard OPOS drivers for many POS peripherals. We work with many devices with “standard Windows Drivers”. Now with OPOS/UPOS drivers we work with an almost unlimited number of devices.